10 Brazilian names for boys

10 Brazilian names for boys

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If your future child will be a boy, we propose you ten Brazilian names that are becoming more and more popular not only in Brazil but in other Latin American and European countries.

Many of them have become fashionable for being the names of famous athletes, especially footballers, others simply conquer for their meaning and sound.

1. Aarão: It is the variant in Portuguese of the name of Hebrew origin Aaron. It means ‘progenitor of the martyrs’ and is widely used in Brazil.

2. Ayrton: the origin of this name is Portuguese and refers to "the messengers of the Middle Ages."

3. Christian: Although its origin is Greek, it is a name widely used in Brazil. Its meaning is linked to 'the followers of Christ'. The famous Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, among other personalities, have popularized this name that is widely used among newborns.

4. Bryon: It is a name of Brazilian origin. It refers to the family origin of the person who is so called, linking him with "the high nobility."

5. Fabiano: It is a name of Portuguese origin, although it is widely used in Brazil. The diminutive Fabián is also used. Her feminine variant is Fabiana. Several internationally famous footballers are called Fabiano for example: Luís Fabiano Clemente, Fabiano Ribeiro de Freitas or Fabiano Soares Pessoa among others. This has helped the use of this name to become popular around the world.

6. João: It is one of the most frequent names in Brazil. It is the Portuguese variant of the name of Hebrew origin Juan. Its meaning is linked to the bible and refers to the one who "is faithful to God." The Portuguese soccer player João Manuel Vieira Pinto, also popularized this name.

7. Levy: It is the Portuguese variant of the name of Hebrew origin Leví and means 'the one who unites his own'. In some cases it is used as a name and in others as a surname. One of the best known faces that have this name is the Cuban actor and model William Levy, or the former Brazilian economy minister Joaquim Levy.

8. Tiago: is an increasingly popular name thanks to the fame of footballers like Thiago Alcántara or Thiago Motta. Tiago is the Portuguese form of Diego, which in turn is a variant of Santiago. In some cases it is used with 'h' inserted.

9. Kaynan: Kaynan is a name of Biblical origin. This is its variant in Portuguese and it means 'possession'.

10. Breno: Breno is the Portuguese form of the name Brennus. It is of Celtic origin and means 'king or prince'.

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