5 ways to get children to listen to us

5 ways to get children to listen to us

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One of the most frequent complaints from parents concerns the disobedience of children. 'He ignores me', 'you have to repeat things a thousand times', 'no one can handle him', these are very common phrases in many fathers and mothers.

In We are going to give you some very simple guidelines so that you can apply them at home, with your children, and thus make them listen to you and follow the established rules.

1- Establish few but clear and concise rules: lChildren sometimes receive so many requests from us that they end up skipping all of them. It is preferable to have a family reunion and establish 3 main rules that must always be followed. You can put the rules on a piece of paper somewhere where everyone can see them. In addition, we will remember them frequently.

2- Apply self-criticism: it is convenient to stop and think about what we are doing wrong and why our children ignore us. Do we give them too many orders? Don't we put limits on them? Are they demanding more attention than we pay them? Part of solving the problem is that we also change our attitude.

3- Use positive reinforcement: There are many psychologists who affirm that children attend more and better when we motivate them properly. If we encourage them to behave well, we praise them when they have achieved something or we change the 'you will find out how you don't pick it up' for 'when you pick it up, we play for a while', the result is much more effective.

4- Give options: We can ask them if they prefer to set the table or help prepare the salad, pick up the toys before or after the shower ... They are small options that will give you autonomy, independence and the ability to make your own decisions. This makes them feel older and more in control.

5- Impose consequences: If the child has broken a rule, ignores when we call or is doing the opposite of what we ask, we must warn him that this action will have consequences. No need to scream, we will simply remind you, for example, that you will not be able to watch your favorite show if you have not done your homework, you will not choose dessert if you do not clean the room or you will not play with your brother, if you do not treat him correctly. We will always comply with what we have said and the consequence will be according to the child's behavior.

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