Preparations and purchases for the baby's arrival

Preparations and purchases for the baby's arrival

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Your baby is about to be born! There is very little left for you to hold him in your arms and give him all the love that you have been saving for him during those months of pregnancy. Your pregnancy has already entered the final stretch of pregnancy and it is time to advance all the preparations for the arrival of your baby.

During pregnancy, you have had to make many decisions, but now is the time to relax, think and make a list of all the things that you will need for your baby.

You are still pregnant and it is very close to the time of delivery. After so much waiting, you will realize that changes happen very quickly and you must be prepared for it. These tips will help you prepare so you can better adapt to the arrival of your baby:

1. Practice relaxation, the different positions and breathing techniques in the last months of pregnancy, especially in the last weeks.

2. Prepare the hospital bag. It should be prepared in the last trimester of pregnancy so that you do not miss anything during your stay in the hospital. It is recommended to bring at least three complete sets of change clothes for your baby in the hospital, which should be made up of a body, t-shirt, pants or leggings, booties or socks if you wear pants, a sweater and a cotton hat so that do not lose heat from your head. Also includes some newborn size diapers and balsamic cream for the bottom. And also, among your things include a roomy nightgown, better than pajamas to facilitate the midwife's perineal examinations, a gown and slippers, as well as the clothes you will use to leave the clinic or hospital.

3. Protect your bed with a plastic mattress protector. You likely know that you are in labor after your water has broken or due to vaginal bleeding. In either case, you can stain your bed and thus you can protect the mattress.

4. Visit the hospital where you will deliver. This way, it will be familiar to you and the day you go to give birth, a familiar environment will reassure you and you will feel more confident in the medical team.

5. Prepare your birth plan. Structure and design how you want your delivery to be, so the medical personnel who treat you can respect your criteria.

6. Keep the gas tank full. You never know when your baby will choose to be born. Therefore, if you are in labor, avoid your companion having to stop at a gas station.

7. Friends, family and visitors. Whether you want them to come to see you at the hospital or if you prefer that they come to your house later, make it clear beforehand. Thus, you will avoid uncomfortable situations with visits.

1. Help. Let yourself be helped and loved by family and friends after delivery, so you will have more time to enjoy your baby. If your family is far away, consider hiring a domestic service to cook, clean, and do laundry.

2. Store food. Write the menu for two weeks and buy all the ingredients to prepare and have them on hand. Freeze food or food prepared with labels.

3. Put the phone away of restaurants serving take out food.

4. Review the health insurance policy. Avoid last minute problems or troubles.

5. Disposable itemss such as plates or glasses can make it easy to have the house cleaned up in no time.

6. Prepare the documentation and the papers you will need to register your baby in the Registry and carry out the first procedures after birth.

7. Avoid major changes at this stage as a change of address just before or after giving birth. It can add unnecessary stress to the arrival of parenthood.

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