How to motivate children to go back to school

How to motivate children to go back to school

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Going back to school, no matter how much children know what they are up against and what awaits them there, is not easy for them. On days without schedules, enjoying the outdoors and without homework and extracurricular activities, the days follow one another in the classroom, sitting down and paying full attention to the new agenda.

School routines and new challenges can overwhelm, stress, and sadden a child. For this reason, it is important that parents are aware of providing support, understanding and dedication during the first days after returning to school.

1- Always show one positive attitude during the days before and in the first days of school. But also, if you also go back to work after the holidays, you have to set an example and not show yourself angry or sad, because children also learn by imitation.

2- Remind your child of the fun or stimulating moments who has lived in previous courses. Talk about stories with classmates and games that you enjoy at recess.

3- You can organize a little encounter with his friends from school to lose the shame and shyness of the first moments and facilitate adaptation.

4- Don't radically change routinesTake advantage of the first days to do leisure activities, in the same way as during the holidays.

5- Prepare all the school supplies with your sonThey love to see their new books, cases, pens, and backpack. You can even prepare the study table with something renewed, perhaps a new pencil holder or simply organizing it and throwing away everything that is not worth it.

6- Propose a series of purposes or challenges to accomplish during the school year and let the child propose his personal goal. You can put a final incentive if it succeeds: a small family outing, a day at the amusement park ...

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