How an ADHD child is like a gifted child

How an ADHD child is like a gifted child

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Let us start from the basis that a child with high abilities may suffer an ADHD disorder in which case it would be known as a case of double exceptionality. However, on occasion, symptoms of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder can be confused with those of children with an above-average IQ.

And, there are many similarities between some of the behaviors of the ADHD child and the one with a high capacity. So much so, that in it has come to misdiagnosing children as hyperactive and attention-deficit, when in reality they are gifted children.

It has always caught my attention how in schools cases of ADHD are detected even below the stones but the cases of children with high capacities are conspicuous by their absence. There are also many mothers and fathers who without a diagnosis classify their children as hyperactive. However, not only does the child who is nervous not have to be ADHD, but it is also not strange that children with high abilities pass for children with Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity because they have common characteristics:

- Both groups present problems relating to other children.

- Children with ADHD and children with high abilities are restless and very assets and they may even have insomnia problems or sleep only a few hours.

- Both ADHD children and those with high abilities can have school difficulties and even school failure.

- They show little attention, boredom, or daydreaming in tasks that require sustained attention.

- It is difficult for both groups abide by rules and limits, whether at home or at school, to children with high abilities because they question them and to ADHD children because it is difficult for them if they are not clear and concise.

- The ADHD child is impulsive, a common characteristic in children with high capacities since their thinking goes faster than their analysis or judgment.

- They usually abandon tasks or projects Without finishing them, children with ADHD because once started they seem insignificant and irrelevant and ADHD children because they find it difficult to carry out tasks in the medium or long term, that is, those that do not have immediate consequences.

- They may suffer from low self-esteem and a constant feeling of frustration.

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