What causes bad breath in children

What causes bad breath in children

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Bad breath in children is always an indicator that something is wrong. It is usually related to some disease or dental problem, in the respiratory system or in the stomach. Nevertheless, we should not confuse infantile halitosis with bad breath that the child can present when getting up in the morning and that is due to the lack of saliva in the mouth during night sleep.

The microorganisms found in the mouth begin to develop their activity causing the proliferation of gases with an unpleasant odor, but it is enough to brush your teeth to make bad breath disappear. And is that, generally, bad breath in children can be caused by poor children's oral hygiene. A tooth decay or an inadequate accumulation of food remains in the mouth are usually the causes responsible for bad breath. To solve it, a visit to the dentist is recommended to solve a possible cavity and adopt the appropriate hygiene habits.

1- Brushing your teeth after every meal is essential to prevent cavities and bad breatheven though the child still has baby teeth. A childhood cavity, in addition to causing an infection that can spread to the rest of the milk teeth and affect the final tooth, can end up causing gastric disease or a displacement of the teeth.

2- Sometimes, the presence of a small foreign body lodged in the mouth or in the nostrils (pieces of foam rubber, seeds, small toys, food scraps), which is decomposing, can the real cause of bad breath. It is necessary to go to the doctor, since parents should not try to remove the foreign body, since inadvertently we can cause an injury to the child. If bad breath persists, there may be another type of organic problem or disorder such as acetone, gastritis, reflux caused by a small hiatal hernia or an infection in the upper airways.

3- Children with accumulation of acetone in the blood often have bad breath and urine odor., in addition to fever and vomiting. Specifically, the breath of a child that has acetone is very particular. It gives the impression of smelling sour apples, the pippin type, from the moment you wake up in the morning. Acetone is a volatile substance that, in contact with air, gives off an unmistakable aroma, like that of a rotten apple. This substance is produced in the body when glucose is low and fats are not burned as they should.

The home remedies against bad breath in children, the only thing they can do is hide a hidden problem of an organic nature. Bad breath is a wake-up call that should not be neglected since a timely consultation can lead to a timely diagnosis and treatment.

If the dentist rules out oral alterations, or despite dental treatment the bad breath persists, consult with the pediatrician, who through a physical examination and radiological and laboratory tests will be responsible for making an adequate diagnosis and applying the most appropriate treatment.

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