Babies' headbands or headbands can cause reflux and insomnia

Babies' headbands or headbands can cause reflux and insomnia

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Moms love to put little things on our babies' heads, right? especially when they are girls. However, if you like to wear headbands, bands, ribbons or bows on your baby's head, be very careful not to pinch or bother her little head. The Dr. José Eduardo de Souza, Brazilian osteopath, wrote in his profile of Facebook, an experience that he had in one of his consultations, and that has generated a great discussion. According to him, the use of these accessories on the baby's head can cause gastroesophageal reflux and insomnia.

The headband is an accessory used by parents and it seems harmless to us, but the osteopath says that it is necessary to observe the behavior of babies when they use this type of accessory on the head. If the baby sleeps poorly after using it, and that coincides with a reflux symptom, it is best to stop putting it on the baby. He recalls that 'the bones of the head of babies move from birth and are formed little by little. Different fatigue factors can alter your movement and flexibility. And one of these factors may be the headbands. '

The osteopath recommends that when parents want to put headbands, ribbons, bands or whatever on their baby's head, they give preference to those that are very soft or that do not compress their small head. As for the ties, he says it is the one that can cause less discomfort to the baby, "but do not insist if your baby does not want to use it, the root of his hair may be more sensitive."

According to the osteopath, there are studies that correlate the problems with the use of these accessories. These studies support that the occipitomastoid (suture of the skull between the occipital bone and the mastoid portion of the temporal bone) can suffer compression due to the use of a tape. The vagus nerve (responsible for many sensory and motor responses - muscular - of the intestine.), Passes very close to this place, more precisely the jugular foramen, and can alter its function, generating the symptoms presented by the baby.

In the case of your baby having some of these symptoms due to the misuse of tapes, according to the specialist, you just have to stop using it and the symptoms will disappear. In more insistent cases, they should seek the guidance of their pediatrician.

Indeed, there are parents who put very tight ribbons and bands on the baby's head, to prevent them from falling. And many times, they do not understand why the baby cries, is irritated, upset or cannot sleep, because they do not relate these symptoms to the misuse of these accessories. It is important to be very careful what you put on babies' heads because in the same way that it can cause ailment, they can tear them off and hang themselves. When buying this type of accessory for the baby, opt for delicate fabrics that do not tighten. Comfort and safety are the ideal recipe for when parents go to buy any clothes or accessories for their baby.

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