Pokémon names for boys

Pokémon names for boys

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The game fever Pokemon go it has come down to the names of the children. Many parents love the application of this legendary game, and this is inspiring the baby's name. There are very special names inspired by the Bible, of English princes and princesses, or even in Nobel Prizes to name a child. Therefore, it is not surprising that Pokemon also inspired the all-important choice of a baby name. Charmander, Pikachu, Onyx or Evee they are the most popular among Pokémon parents.

1. Evee. It is the most popular name for girls inspired by the application of Pokemon go. It is an adorable first generation Pokémon that has the most evolutions, up to eight. This is precisely why this name means 'evolution' and it is one of the options most valued by adults fascinated with this universe to call their babies. This character manages to adapt to all the environments in which he lives and emits different radiations to defend himself.

2. Onyx. Another star name for all fans of Pokemon. Onyx is also a member of the first generation of this game and it is a huge stone that is constantly evolving. The interpretation of this name comes from the semi-precious stone Onyx and in Japanese it has different meanings, such as rock or snake.

3. Pikachu. This electric Pokémon is the most recognizable for all those people who have heard of Pokémon, since it is the visible face of the entire saga. Incredibly, many recent parents have decided to call their children Pikachu, the evolved form of Pichu, whose name means 'electric mouse'.

4. Charmander. Another first-generation Pokemon widely used in kid's name novelty is Charmander, a fire character that evolves into Charmeleon and Charizard. This is a very special name since its meaning is 'fire salamander'.

5. Roselia. Another name specially created for girls is Roselia, a Pokemon turned into a plant and belonging to the third generation. The etymology of this standard name is that it has to do with 'roses' and also with japanese azalias, so everything is related to a name that has a lot to do with the flowery gardens of Japan.

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