How a book can make a child happier

How a book can make a child happier

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Could a book make us happier? And in children? Perhaps the concept of Happiness is very abstract, but in a certain way, a book affects our moods and our way of seeing the world. Hence it may have something to do with our happiness.Sergio Diez, librarian in Brains International Schools, reflect on this point.

Happiness is not something that should be set as a goal when reading. Nevertheless, yes, a book can make us happier. It all depends on each person.

What we should look for through books, both for ourselves and for our children, is personal growth. If a book helps us grow as people, we will be on the right track. In the same way, if a book helps our child to mature and grow, it will be good for him.

And how do we getlet a book help our child to grow?:

- Searching for a text to challenge him.

- The book should offer you a different world the one you are used to seeing regularly.

- To transmit to us feelings, all types. Books do not always convey a happy and colorful world to us. It also conveys pain and death, feelings that are not going to make us feel good as readers.

If we achieve that all these feelings that the book transmits to us help us to identify more emotions, to look for a meaning and to find a why or a moral of the storyThe book is really helping the child grow as a person and yes, it will surely contribute to making him happier.

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