Children's artistic gymnastics

Children's artistic gymnastics

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Among the girls' favorite extracurricular activities is gymnastics, both in its form of rhythmic and artistic gymnastics. This discipline, which stimulates coordination and develops flexibility, has always been considered a women's sport, but the truth is that it is highly recommended for both boys and girls.

An Olympic sport since the Athens Games in 1896, artistic gymnastics consists of the combination of body movements, with or without the help of gymnastic apparatus, that form a choreography.

This discipline can begin to be practiced between the four or five years. It is at this age when children develop the basic motor skills and skills necessary to grow in this sport; And, although it can also begin to be practiced during adolescence, it is at these early ages when children can achieve maximum development of their strength, flexibility and coordination.

Artistic gymnastics requires the athlete to have excellent physical conditions. For children, practicing this modality helps them to:

- Correct certain bad body postures.
- Increase your strength, flexibility, coordination and speed.
- Develop your balance and sense of rhythm.
- Build self-confidence.
- Promote self-confidence and concentration.
- Promote teamwork, camaraderie and respect for others.

It is also necessary to point out that the experts in the practice of this modality point out that the children who stand out the most in their practice are those of short stature and long limbs, a body constitution that favors artistic movements.

Artistic gymnastics is a sport in which men and women not only compete separately as in the others, but also do different exercises. Thus, girls perform their movements on the ground, on the jumping horse or foal, on the balance beam or on the uneven bars, while the boys use six devices: fixed bar, parallel bars, jumping horse or foal. pommel horse, rings and exercises on the ground. On the other hand, in terms of the number of people who make up the gymnastics team, in addition to the individual category, it can also be two, three, four or even five who make up a group.

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