My first day of school. Children's Stories

My first day of school. Children's Stories

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The first day of school is a delicate moment for many children, who leave the environment in which they have been until then and their family to reach a new place full of strangers.

To help children understand what school is like and that it is normal to have some fear on the first day, we offer you this children's story: My first day of school.

Pedro was very happy, he would soon go to school, he was anxious about the arrival of his first day of school. Her cousins ​​and relatives had told her about the wonders of school and she was looking forward to the time.

Summer days were spent between the beach and the pool, but Pedro couldn't enjoy it like other times, he could only think about going to school. Days before the start of school,he went with his parents to buy paintings, books and notebooks. He felt like a big boy. At last the great day arrived, Pedro was very excited.

He got up early without his mother telling him, dressed in his new clothes, put on his backpack full of brand-new notebooks and went to school with his mother's hand. It was his first day, and he was telling everyone he met on the way.

When he arrived, his teacher approached and his mother released his hand to go towards her. Then all the excitement and anticipation dissipated, and suddenly tears began to flow from her eyes. He realized that he had to be in a place full of strangers. He had never been without his parents.

He tried to grab his mother's hand again, but she kissed him and left with a smile wishing him a good day. He watched with sadness as he walked away, the tears did not stop coming from his eyes and he sat in a corner of the class. There were many other children like him, some were crying and others were playing.

After a while, a boy came up to him and offered him a toy. She thanked him and then she saw that there were many other toys, many colorful things. The children wanted to play with him, they jumped and ran and, almost without realizing it, Pedro began to enjoy his first day of school.

When Mom came back to look for him, she told her everything she had done, what her teacher was like, what games they had played, the stories they were going to read, the new friends she had played with ... He was so excited that he could hardly wait for your second day of school to arrive.

Adaptation of a story by Florencia Moragas

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