The best foods for children and pregnant women

The best foods for children and pregnant women

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Childhood and pregnancy demands a balanced diet and very careful. Vitamins, minerals and potassium are important, but also fiber and of course, calcium.

Since our site we offer you a list of staple foods that you should include in your children's diet or yours if you are pregnant.

From the super powers of the banana to the necessary fiber contribution of legumes. You will discover surprising foods, such as spirulina, and others with countless benefits, such as lemon. Here you have a selection of foods you should never forget in your diet or that of your children.

Lemons. Properties of lemon in infant feeding and during pregnancy. Lemon benefits in children and pregnant women. Why it is good to consume lemon. Discover the advantages of using lemon in children's nutrition. Learn about some recipes with lemon for children and pregnant women.

Spirulina Spirulina is an algae with great benefits for the whole family, but above all it is indicated in diets to lose weight. Therefore, it has become very popular in women who want to regain their weight after childbirth.

Plantain. What is it about the banana that makes it so special? What hidden powers that are so good for your health? On our site we tell you all the advantages of including banana in the diet of children.

Vegetables. Taking legumes is beneficial for the health of children because of their low fat content and high nutritional value, according to experts. Legumes have many benefits for children. It is not a food that is recommended to take daily, but it should be included every week in the diet of children.

Rice. Rice in the diet of children and pregnant women. What contributes the rice, white and whole grain in the diet of children and pregnant women. Why it is important to include rice in the diet of children and pregnant women.

Peaches and apricots. What are the benefits for children of consuming peaches and apricots. What do peaches and apricots contribute to children's nutrition.

Shellfish When can a child have seafood? Benefits and dangers of shellfish in children's nutrition. What does seafood contribute to children's nutrition?

Quinoa Quinoa is a food that is gaining more and more followers and is that it is natural, low in calories, very nutritious and even suitable for the diet of celiac children, since it does not contain gluten. 7 benefits of quinoa for children

Olive oil. Why is olive oil good for pregnant women and also for children? On our site we find the answer to the advantages of this natural product.

Arugula Do you usually make recipes with arugula? Have your children ever tried it? If not, you should know all the benefits and properties of this vegetable that have a very positive impact on the health of the whole family.

Nuts. Nuts provide many benefits to children, although it is true that it is not recommended to give them before the year due to the dangers of choking. We tell you what benefits nuts bring to children.

Oatmeal. Oats in children's food. Since it is advisable to eat cereals daily, on our site you can find the benefits that oatmeal will bring to the health of your children if you include it in their daily menus.

Yoghurt. Is it good for children to eat yogurt? On our site we find the answers about the benefits of yogurt for our children. Advantages of including yogurt in the child's daily diet.

Melon benefits. What benefits and advantages does melon have for children and pregnant women. Why is consuming melon so beneficial in childhood and pregnancy.

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