Shocking letter from a doctor upon receiving a dead baby from a home birth

Shocking letter from a doctor upon receiving a dead baby from a home birth

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Perhaps many of the mothers who dream of a home birth think that it is a more humane birth. Perhaps they believe that in this way they will feel 'nature' much closer ... perhaps it is for fleeing from surgical practices. Or because they want to feel the same as their ancestors felt (when there was no anesthesia or hospitals).

For all of them, the shocking letter from a doctor who had to hold a stillborn newborn in her arms, who would have been saved had he been born in a hospital.

The baby was born asphyxiated because it came from the breech. He was born by decision of his parents at home, without healthcare. But at home they had no oxygen. The (first-time) parents ran with the baby in their arms to the hospital, but it was too late. The doctor held the baby in her arms and cried in anger. Soon after, he wrote this letter:

'Many times I wanted to cry holding the hand of a patient. But I've never felt like crying out of anger before and of impotence in that situation.

Today a mother with her dead child came to my guard. She had decided to deliver at home, even though it was her first baby and she was breech. From a wealthy and educated family, everyone had tried to dissuade her, without success.

The criminals who agreed to carry out labor at home, being overwhelmed by the situation, called the emergency room. And an ambulance went to look for her, when there was nothing more to do. They did not even give her the delivery (delivery of the placenta), which we carry out here, in the delivery room, in antiseptic conditions, with serum, medication and surgical instruments.

All of us who are dedicated to the noble art of healing, we want things to turn out well. We study, train and specialize, we do refresher courses to guarantee our patients the best care. Although in the public system we do not always have all the resources.

If I give you a serum, I am not disrespecting you, I am preventing that if you have a hemorrhage, you go into hypovolemic shock.

If I give you medication, it is because it is necessary.

If I break your bag, it is because it is important to know the color of the liquid. It gives us information on how the baby is doing in the tummy.

If I tell you that you need a cesarean section, it is not because 'I want to get you off quickly'. I have to be here 24 hours. It's because I try, at best, to avoid complications. At worst, save your life and your baby's.

Pregnancy and childbirth are physiological facts, it is true. But quickly, from one moment to the next, they can become pathological and life threatening.

Having a hospital, with a trained team, with anesthesia, with an operating room, is a privilege. Privilege that our ancestors of past centuries could not enjoy. For centuries women died of complications in pregnancy and childbirth. They had no choice.

My body, my birth, my decision? It's not about your body: your child is in the middle.

My delivery? You are not the only protagonist, in reality you are just a secondary character, the protagonist is him.

Your decision? You don't have the training to know when your life or that of your baby is at risk.

Primum non nocere. First do not harm. We know. You also have to know. '

This event has occurred in Neuquén, (Patagonia, Argentina). The boy's parents have been charged with manslaughter. In addition, they tried to hide the facts by explaining that the baby was born in the car on the way to the hospital. But suspecting that it was a home birth, the authorities investigated his home.

It should never be forgotten that a lot can happen in childbirth. That in a birth the woman and the baby, give a pulse to life ...

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