Insect bites in children

Insect bites in children

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Spiders, bees, mosquitoes ... We live surrounded by insects and it is normal for some to bite our child. Would you know how to prevent a sting? And treat the sting?

Evidently, it all depends on the insect that has bitten the child and if you have any type of allergies. We explain what to do in each of the cases.

From how to cure a bee sting to how to remove a tick effectively. Learn with all these tips to administer basic first aid to your child in the event that he is bitten by one of these insects.

Learn to identify which insect bit it. With this guide to identifying insect bites in children, you will learn to identify which beak your child. Learn to detect if the bite that bothers your child so much is a mosquito, wasp, tick or spider ... Has an insect bit your child and you don't know what it is? Learn to identify bites and insects quickly thanks to this guide.

Tricks to avoid mosquito bites. Mosquito bites in children. How to prevent mosquitoes from biting children. Tricks to prevent mosquito bites in babies and children. What types of repellants are most effective in preventing mosquitoes from approaching children. Types of mosquito bites in children.

Treat mosquito and horsefly bites. Do you know how to treat a mosquito bite? And that of a gadfly? We explain which are the most effective treatments so that you know how to act in case your child is bitten by one of these insects. How to treat mosquito bites in children and pregnant women.

The most dangerous spiders in Spain. Here is a list of the most dangerous spiders for children in Spain. Learn to recognize them and react in the event that one of these spiders bites your child.

Tricks to avoid spider bites. How to avoid spider bites in children. Tricks to prevent spiders from biting our son. What to do if a spider bites a child. How to cure a spider bite.

Heal bee or wasp stings. How bees sting. Differences with wasp stings. What to do in case of a bee or wasp sting. How to prevent bee and wasp stings.

Correctly remove a tick. What are ticks and how do they affect children. How to remove a tick, without harming children. How to heal a wound from a tick bite in children. We teach you a technique to detect and remove a tick from your child, without harming it.

Diseases transmitted by the tick. Ticks can carry certain diseases. We list the diseases that can be transmitted to children and what symptoms to watch out for after being bitten by one of them.

Why are ticks dangerous. Why it can be so dangerous for a tick to bite a child. What to do before a tick bite. How to avoid tick bites in children. First aid against insect bites in children. Measures to take when faced with a tick bite in children.

The most dangerous scorpions in Spain. How scorpion stings are treated. What scorpions exist in Spain and how they affect children. Symptoms of scorpion stings in children.

Caterpillar, bed bug, flea and centipede bites. Here is a list of insects that can bite children, especially in the summer time. Caterpillar bites, bed bugs, fleas, centipedes ... We explain what to do in each case.

How to treat jellyfish stings. We can't avoid the risk of jellyfish stinging on the beach, but we do know how to treat jellyfish stings in children. What to do when a jellyfish stings a child. How to Treat Jellyfish Stings in Children

Allergy in children to insect bites. Allergy of children to insect bites. During the summer season, the activity of certain insects such as wasps, bees, flies or mosquitoes increases, and therefore there is a greater risk of suffering from stings and allergic reactions from the second sting.

How to prevent bites in babies. The arrival of insects is one of the concerns that parents have especially when temperatures rise. Repellants are effective in preventing bites, but should be used with great caution when it comes to babies. Find out why.

How Insect Repellants Affect Babies. We tell you what damage insect repellent can cause on your child. What types of insecticides you can use safely and recommendations so that it does not affect the health of babies and children.

How to make homemade repellants. How to make homemade mosquito repellants and keep them away from children and pregnant women. What smells keep mosquitoes away from the home. How to keep flies and mosquitoes away, including the Zika mosquito. We give you homemade recipes so you can make effective repellants against mosquitoes.

Types of allergic reactions to insects. An allergy to insect bites does not always manifest itself in the same way. There are three types of allergic reactions. The most serious is anaphylaxis.

Tricks to cure spider bites. Tips and tricks to soothe the pain of a spider bite in children. What to do when a spider bites a child. Tricks to reduce the swelling of a bite. How to relieve the pain caused by a spider bite in children. Prevention of insect bites in children.

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