The universe in a glass jar. Experiment for children

The universe in a glass jar. Experiment for children

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We propose a very simple experiment for your children. You just have to challenge them: Would you be able to hold the universe in your hands?

Maybe they are hesitant or think ... it is impossible! Show your children that they can achieve everything they set their mind to. You just have to use your ingenuity ... and imagination! And if you follow the step by step of this experiment, you will succeed.

  • Small glass jar or bottle
  • Food coloring or tempera of colors light blue, dark blue and red
  • Cotton
  • Water
  • Teaspoon or stick to stir
  • Glitter or diamond and stars

1. Pour a finger of water into the glass jar.

2. Add two drops of light blue tempera and stir.

3. Add some glitter and stars and mix well.

4. Now add cotton, enough to absorb the water.

5. We repeat the same process. It consists of creating layers, so you add water, light blue tempera, glitter, stars and cotton.

6. In the third layer, change the light blue to dark blue tempera. You will get a beautiful gradient effect.

7. On the last layer, change the color from dark blue to red. And ready!

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