Granna t-shirts

Granna t-shirts

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Most puzzles are a simple or harder puzzle. When we match the individual elements, the fun ends.

Because special plus for Granny for this product.

Bear Puzelki is not only a puzzle, but also a game.

From the puzzle placed in the box, you can assemble six pictures (each picture consists of six puzzles) depicting teddy bears. Individual elements and puzzles are marked with dots (from 1 to 6). In the box there are two dices and game instructions.

When children get bored with puzzle pieces, you can play with them: by throwing cubes let the fate decide who will manage to put together the most pictures.

In the instructions we will find at least two inspirations to play.

Bear t-shirts are intended for children from 3 to 7 years old and for up to four players.

The product is interesting enough that it could have the title of parental hit, were it not for the fact that the puzzles are made of enough thin cardboard. They could be thicker and more comfortable to lay.

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