The patience of a grandfather with his grandchildren

The patience of a grandfather with his grandchildren

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'Perfect love sometimes doesn't come until the first grandchild'. This Welsh proverb perfectly sums up how grandparents feel towards their grandchildren. That excessive passion, those fiery eyes, that infinite patience ... Grandparents seem to rejuvenate. Suddenly they feel useful. And finally they have time, that time that parents lack, that time that they themselves lacked when they raised their children.

In this video, a grandfather resists and continues with his task with great patience, despite the insistence of his grandchildren, two mischievous twins who advance, still on all fours, to where he is, to make things more difficult for him.

He just wants to get some things out of the fridge. But what at first seems simple, turns into a complicated task. Her grandchildren, twins, do not stop bothering. Little ones are moved by curiosity. What will be in that elongated box full of products of different colors and shapes? What is your grandfather taking? Impossible to resist so many stimuli.

Grandpa resists, patient. And again. Put the babies in their places, away from the fridge. Keeping them out of harm's way. And they come back. This nice scene makes us think about the number of moments like this that grandparents endure, always with a wide smile.

Grandparents play with their grandchildren. If necessary, they are thrown to the ground. They lose their sense of ridicule. They sing, dance and put on different voices. They do theater, draw, teach their grandchildren to read. Grandparents have a privilege: that precious time that parents long for. So they don't mind taking long, quiet walks with their grandchildren. Talk about the past, tell battles, do crafts ... Grandparents bring all this and much more to their grandchildren:

1. Experience: nothing better than a grandfather to learn history. Their experiences will fill much more than anything children can read in a book.

2. Time: without rush, without schedules. Grandparents can finally spend precious time with grandchildren that most parents don't have.

3. Values: Grandparents are transmitters of values, because throughout their lives, they have been learning from them. Tolerance, respect, sincerity ...

4. Grandparents are excellent 'storytellers': Nobody like them knows how to tell stories, transmit messages with a moral.

5. Emotional bond: There is a special complicity between grandparents and grandchildren. Nobody makes them laugh like them. Maybe because they feel identified. Grandparents have a lot of empathy with children.

The grandchildren, in return, pay their grandparents with the best they have: their unconditional love. That disarming smile, those sad little eyes to avoid 'scolding'. A 'pout', a furtive kiss or a hug is enough. And they will have won their grandfather's 'little heart' forever.

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