Car. Short Fables by Rafael Pombo

Car. Short Fables by Rafael Pombo

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The car is a funny fable written in verse that explains to children not to trust appearances, it also has its version in the saying: a barking dog, little biting or a lot of noise and few nuts.

This fable was written by the writer, poet and fabulist Rafael Pombo and its pleasant and agile rhyme is ideal for children to learn values ​​at the same time as they enjoy reading.

Giddy Up!
Whoops! Alive !, Carambola!

So from the davit,
fierce, panting,
the coachman explains
of a traveling car
that raising smoke
and atrocious dust
swift wobbling,
more jumps than rolls.

And the whip buzzes;
and everything rumbles
with such a fuss,
which of an earthquake
that the orb collapses,
and all the people
reckless crowd
to see what news
the world is unhinged,
or what character
going on an urgent trip
of pots of gold,
that are still light
maybe bandits,
butcher greyhounds,
in pursuit of treasure.

At last he stopped the car
late at night,
and the crowd opened it
with great reverence;
and (strange occurrence!)
They found it ... empty!

Such is, in portrait,
more of a fool
of many that I find.
What a rush! What a device!
And nothing inside.

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