Host a Baby Shower Party

Host a Baby Shower Party

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The birth of a baby is usually a cause for celebration and joy among the family and friends of the future parents. It is a tradition that the people closest to them give them clothes or accessories for the baby that is on the way.

This is a great way to prepare the baby's trousseau and first clothes while celebrating the arrival of a new member of the family. This tradition in Anglo-Saxon countries is called Baby shower.

For years in the United States, future parents have celebrated a party to which they invite their friends and family. It is the moment when gifts are bought for the little one who is on the way. Although the Baby Shower party comes from the United States, the celebration has been exported to Latin America and Europe, so much so that in countries such as Argentina, France and the United Kingdom it is very successful and very popular.

The Baby Shower party is a tradition, to such an extent that invitations are made just for this day and even a special decoration is made for the date.

The party is usually organized by the pregnant woman's sister, a sister-in-law or her friends, although it is not a girl's party, both the mother's friends and the father's family and friends are invited.

Party organizers have to decorate the house in a bright and cheerful way and can even create their own invitations to send to Baby Shower participants. During the celebration there will also be a small snack or lunch so they have to take care of setting up buffet-style tables so that guests can drink and eat canapés, sandwiches or any other appetizer.

It is also typical to organize guessing games, lotteries or making crafts or even create games with themes related to the baby in which you can use bottles, diapers, pacifiers ...

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