How should summer homework be for children

How should summer homework be for children

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With two months of free time ahead of you, is it good to give your kids homework? Every year parents and teachers discuss the excess or lack of duties of children, both during the school year and during the holidays. Should school responsibilities be maintained also during the summer? Before looking for alternatives for education and learning, there are two very different real scenarios that must be taken into account.

1. The kids who have failed a subject and they have to recover it during the summer, they can find in private classes or summer schools the necessary support so that the study hours are productive and they learn to organize themselves so that they can also enjoy friends and family.

2. Children who passed everything: On the other hand, those who have applied during the course and their grades have been great can rest and enjoy deserved results after the effort and involvement. But is it convenient to stop training the mind throughout the summer period?

Children are sponges that are absorbing information around them all the time. Their power of learning is in full swing but it must be borne in mind that their training does not only depend on theoretical knowledge. So, holiday homework?

The ideal for the summer are experiences and methods less rigid than those of the rest of the year, that stimulate children's imaginations, provoke their curiosity and animate their intelligence. Some ideas are:

- Educational readings.

- Table games.

- Group activities.

- Excursions in nature.

- More artistic classes, etc.

What's more, the relaxation of the holidays can be used to develop other concepts that are often not taken into account and that are just as valuable in your personal training. Find fun methods and enriching experiences that develop your skills and define useful and important concepts, such as leadership. Both children and adults sometimes confuse this concept, defining it as a value of a person who imposes an idea on others. But historically it has been shown that there are positive or negative leaders, and it is the development of personal skills that have differentiated both cases.

Some of the skills that parents can instill in their children can be:

- Good communication skills. Teach children communication methods so that they are able to convey their ideas clearly and effectively.

- Develop your emotional intelligence. Being able to manage emotions is an important point for good leadership. Managing feelings and knowing how they influence us is important to know how to direct thoughts towards a positive path.

- He listens to her. Learn to develop active listening, based on empathy and distinguish the messages behind the words.

It is essential that the youngest can know your strengths and your weaknesses so they can design their future and not fall into unnecessary frustration. For example, it is likely that if you compare soccer goalkeeper Casillas and striker Cristiano Ronaldo, you will not find many differences if you categorize them as soccer players. However, if he considers changing his role and puts Ronaldo as goalkeeper and Casillas as forward, they might not be the best players in the world. Each one has characteristics that they have developed depending on their abilities.

Knowing how to design a goal is essential and it must be specific and detailed, measurable in time and realistic. Be aware of your own resources and those that we may need and be able to visualize the objective in the vicinity. Therefore, the task of parents and teachers is to develop activities for children that contain all these ingredients that are part of growth and may be useful in the future.

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