Little shepherd. Short Fables by Rafael Pombo

Little shepherd. Short Fables by Rafael Pombo

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Rafael pigeon He was a Colombian writer, poet and fabulist and one of the main figures of romantic poetry in Spanish. The success of his fables and children's stories have passed time and today they are still just as fresh and popular.

Shepherd is one of the fables for children written by Pombo that teaches children to try to solve the problems that life poses, not to stop and cry about what happens, not to give up, but to get up and persevere in what one want.

Little shepherd lost her sheep, and who knows where they will be.

Do not be angry shepherd, they heard your complaints and they themselves will soon come.

And they will not come alone, they will bring their tails, and sheep and tails will give a great feast.

Little shepherd falls asleep and dreaming hears them bleating,

She wakes up and calls them right away: little sheep, come sheep! And deceived she tends to cry.

Do not cry, Pastora, what a girl who cries very soon we hear her laugh and sing.

She got up happy, hoping that she would see them well soon perhaps,

and he saw them, but gave a cry, observing that they left their tails behind:

Oh, my little sheep, poor little rabbits!

Where are my tails? Won't I see them anymore?

But walking through the whole herd, another cry one afternoon let out,

when a slice of an old chestnut tree loaded with tails found.

Drying in the wind, two, three, even a hundred, there one after another hanging he saw them.

He gave a sigh and a blow on the forehead, and rehearsed everything he could invent,

honey, sewing, a variety of ingredients, to mend so much tail.

I look for the tail of each little sheep and when he saw them as before he began to dance.

Author: Rafael pigeon

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