Children who ask to repeat everything are smarter

Repetition is the foundation of learning. The Japanese know a lot about this, who repeat in schools over and over again everything that children learn. Do you know the kumon method? Children learn complicated arithmetic operations through repetition.

There are children who love to repeat everything. They repeat the same story ... they watch the same movie a dozen times ... and far from being a learning disability, it turns out to be the opposite ... repetition makes them smarter!

My son spent all the way back from a long journey listening to the same song. And again. The same. But why? Not bored? Don't you get tired? Will it be bad? The answer to everything is No. He does not get bored, he does not get tired, and no, of course it is not bad, quite the opposite.

A study of the University of Sussex (Great Britain) ensures that children who ask to repeat everything (songs, stories, operations ...) they are smarter in the long run. The reason ?: Through repetition they are consolidating everything they learn in a more secure way than another child who is offered more variety and who barely has time to assimilate the new knowledge they receive.

According to the psychologists who conducted this study, when we repeat something, the same path is made in the brain. Neural connections are strengthened. In this way, it is easier for knowledge to settle (and not get lost along the way) and that memory can later rescue it (because the way to find it is known).

The big detractors: those who bet on learning by association, who maintain that association allows something to be consolidated in memory for much longer.

Just because a child wants to watch the same movie over and over does not mean that he is a slower learner. Without realizing it, you are receiving all these benefits:

1. They learn more vocabulary.

2. Improve your language.

3. Exercise your memory.

4. Improve your analytical skills. They are able to extract more information from a content.

5. They learn to associate knowledge and apply it in different contexts.

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