School calls: what happened to my son?

School calls: what happened to my son?

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What shocks mothers get when they call us from school! In tenths of a second, everything goes through our heads: a gap or a simple injury, a break, a sprain or a small sprain. Until on the other end of the phone we heard that, despite the regrets, the child is fine, we did not remain calm.

And it is that as many mothers say, having small children is a life without. Obviously we cannot keep them in a bubble and if they are moved and restless, they are curious about new things and they like to experiment, like almost all children, the normal thing is that they suffer accidents from time to time.

Most of their mischief ends in minor injuries, it seems that most children have a guardian angel who watches over them, their safety, their integrity and their health, but sometimes bad luck plays against our children and you have to give points or put a cast. In these cases, we must act quickly because time is against us.

If the wound has been deep enough to need stitches, you should know that medical assistance cannot be delayed, since the deadline for stitches to be applied to a wound is a maximum of 4 to 6 hours.

After passing through the school infirmary, your child will surely have a clean wound, the bleeding has stopped and the area is covered with a sterile dressing. When you get to school, try to reassure your child, commenting naturally that they are things that happen. If you have to take him to the hospital for points, don't totally disguise the truth. His greatest concern at that time will be to know if it is going to hurt and it is logical, because he has just had a delicate moment when he saw the blood in his wound and he is still shocked and very sensitive. It is better to tell him that it may bother him a little than to tell him that he will not feel anything because, once on the stretcher, he can make a big fuss when he is disappointed.

In practice, a little local anesthesia is usually applied to the edges of the wound to prevent the suture from hurting, and then you should carefully listen to the doctor's recommendations on the care to follow so that the wound heals and not complications arise. Once at home and, better the next day, it is convenient to talk with him about what happened to avoid a repeat.

The attitudes of prudence and observation are important to be prevented before any eventual accident. Most accidents involving children can be prevented when risks are avoided. Warning them is one of the few things that parents can do to minimize the scares that our little ones can give us.

Marisol New.

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