Homemade toy crafts for kids

Homemade toy crafts for kids

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We do not have to spend large amounts of money for our children to have toys, sometimes it just takes imagination and recycling materials.

Thus, He proposes that you make your own children's toys with items so accessible to all such as toilet paper rolls, egg boxes or ice cream sticks. With them we can make cars, trains, airplanes or dolls.

We show you a selection of toys for children made at home with recycling material. You can do it yourself easily and, above all, very fun.

Soccer field made of plates for children. If your children like to play soccer, it would be nice if you taught them how to make this fun craft at home. A game made with your own hands: a soccer field made from recycled material. An easy and simple craft for which you will only need a shoe box and something else.

Planes made with cardboard rollers. Learn how to make a beautiful plane out of toilet paper rolls step by step. Easy crafts with recycled materials for children. We teach you how to make a toy for children by recycling toilet paper rollers. A simple and suitable craft for children of 8 years of age.

Fire truck with boxes of eggs. One of many children's favorite toys is fire trucks. From Guiainfantil we have been thinking about how to create our own fire truck for children to play with homemade toys. We teach you how to do it using egg boxes or egg cups.

Bowling game with boats. We teach you how to make a fun bowling game by recycling plastic containers of liquid yogurt with the children. Recycle with the children by making a fun recycling craft. Play bowling at home with this children's craft.

Plane with wooden sticks. On our site we propose you to make toys at home by recycling different materials. This time we show you how to make this beautiful plane using wooden ice cream sticks. We are going to use the imagination and creativity of children to make homemade toys.

Cardboard football table. On our site we propose you to make a homemade table football using recycled material. A very easy and fun craft with which children will make their own toy. With just a cardboard box and some scraps of paper you can do it.

Cardboard caravel. On our site we propose a different and fun way to spend time with the children. You only have to save a box of eggs to make this original and beautiful caravel. It is about making an old cardboard boat that will be perfect to decorate a children's room.

Cardboard parking. A car park, made from a cardboard box. How many toy cars do your children have scattered on the ground? To organize them on our site we are going to teach you how to make an original car park in a very simple way and using recycling material.

Cardboard rocket. Toy rocket. Recycling crafts. our site shows you how to make, step by step, a toy rocket made out of toilet paper rolls. Ideal to decorate at Christmas, or to give for a birthday.

Memory game with tapas. Memory game made with recycled plastic caps, for children. It is a simple and easy game to perform at home, but also because it helps to stimulate the child's concentration and attention. Learn to recycle materials such as caps to make homemade toys with children

Bunk beds for toy dolls. On our site we teach you to make homemade toys easily and very cheaply. With just a few cardboard boxes we can make original bunk beds for the dolls. An easy, simple and very inexpensive craft to do at home with children.

Cardboard train. On our site we have made a beautiful toy train using different types of recycling materials: egg boxes, toilet paper roll, plastic caps and cardboard boxes.

Hoop shooting game. We show you how to make a shooting game with a giraffe-shaped hoop. With it, children can do competitions, have a great time and also collaborate in the creation of homemade toys.

Cardboard boat. Craft of a cardboard boat to do with the children. Toys crafts made with recycled material. our site proposes easy children's crafts to do at home with your children.

Minion homemade ball swallower. If you remember how fun it is to play slot machines, on our site we show you how to make one with the face of Minion. It is a great way to create toys at home, using shoe boxes, cereal boxes, or any other. Crafts with recycled material for children.

Cardboard dolls. Children's craft of dolls made with milk boxes to make with the children. Toy crafts made with boxes and recycled material from our site. Easy homemade children's crafts to do with your children.

Puppets with sticks. Learn to make animal crafts step by step in EVA rubber. Easy and fun animal crafts for kids. Puppets with ice cream sticks to play with children.

Cardboard dominoes. Homemade domino craft for children. Make a homemade toy for children. Simple craft to make a homemade animal domino with your children. Cardboard domino craft step by step.

Cardboard racing car. For children who love cars, we propose an original recycling craft on our site. Learn how to make a racing car craft with paper rolls step by step.

Cardboard car. How to make a homemade car with children. On our site we teach you how to make a car using rolls of toilet paper. A very easy and simple recycling craft to do.

Homemade puppet. Pinocchio. We teach you how to make a puppet from one of the most endearing characters in children's stories: Pinocchio. A character who also embodies many values ​​that you can teach your child in a simple way. How to make a Pinocchio toy with the children.

Paper kite. Fun paper craft for children: a kite. Learn to make a paper pacifier to play with the children. Easy and inexpensive origami paper crafts for kids. Origami kite, a game to practice origami with children.

Paper boat. Origami paper boat step by step. For this craft, we only need a white or colored sheet, or a simple piece of paper or cardboard, or even a sheet of newspaper or magazine. You can even make a paper boat out of a napkin. New proposal for crafts on our site.

Kitchen toys. Cupcake and donuts. On our site we suggest you recycle socks and make original cupcakes and colorful donuts with the children, so they can play kitchen. A very easy and simple craft to do with socks that no longer serve your children. Crafts for kids.

Paper Kite. Guiainfantil proposes to make a simple and fun craft for the little ones in the house: a kite. This instrument was born in ancient China and today it is one of the most popular toys among children of all countries.

Binoculars with rollers of toilet paper. Kids become little explorers as soon as they are in a park, so they'll love this kid's craft of binoculars made from toilet paper rolls.

Homemade pompero. Learn how to make a homemade pompero with recycled material. It is a homemade toy for your children to make the largest soap bubbles in the world

Kitchen toy. How to make homemade recycling toys. We propose you to make a toy kitchen with cardboard for children, a recycling children's craft to teach children to create their own games with recycled material.

Fluorescent bottle. Here's how to make a glow-in-the-dark fluorescent bottle from recycle material. You only need a glass jar and fluorescent paint. A children's craft for children to create their own homemade toys.

Horses with pool churros. We teach you how to create horses with pool churros. It is an ideal craft for children to make their own homemade toys, in this case, a horse made from a swimming pool tube.

Boat with corks. How to make, step by step, a boat with corks inside a glass jar. A little boat made with recycling material for children to play with. Easy and fun children's crafts.