Optimism in children. Educate in values

Optimism in children. Educate in values

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The be optimistic It is also learned in the same way as other values ​​such as confidence, perseverance, etc. Optimism, like hope, is the ability that one acquires and has to always hope for the best. It is one of the most positive values ​​that we can instill in children. Being optimistic is the opposite of being pessimistic.

Optimism is in. What of 'you can ' it is more universal every day and a recommended attitude to achieve our goals and make all our dreams come true. It is believing that everything is going to get better in life. If you want your child to be optimistic, it is advisable that:

1. Set an example
Your attitude is what will really count in this positive education process.

2. Exercise good humor with your son
Play and laugh with him with things as simple as tickling him or telling jokes ... there are a thousand ways to awaken a good mood in children. Good humor will increase your self-esteem.

3. Teach your child to give thanks
Always remember your child to thank you for the food each day, for having a family, friends, for being able to celebrate birthdays, etc.

4. Tell your son that you love him
Whenever you can, tell your child that you love him not only with words, but also with gestures and surprises. A child who feels loved is more likely to be optimistic.

5. Recognize the good things your child does or achieves
That is a good way to strengthen the feeling of success in him.

6. Teach your child to fight discouragement and negativism
Although everything seems that it cannot be or impossible, it is necessary to teach children to believe that themselves, to motivate them against discouragement.

Optimism both benefits and prevents problems in children's lives. An optimistic child:

- It will be less insecure

- Control your expectations

- Avoid apathy and boredom

- You will not despair for anything

- You will be less likely to suffer from anxiety or depression when faced with difficulties.

- It will be more relaxed and calm. Without stress

- He will be enthusiastic and enterprising in his activities.

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