Why shouldn't the baby's foreskin be strained?

Why shouldn't the baby's foreskin be strained?

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Pediatricians usually recommend that parents lower the skin of the baby's foreskin little by little in order to clean it properly, making it elastic.

The recommendation includes doing it very carefully and preferably during or after bathing. However, some pediatricians, especially those of the old school, are in favor of forcing the skin and perform this maneuver in consultation, a jerk that gives the baby a hard time, hurts and bleeds Furthermore, it is not very effective and may even have the opposite effect to that desired.

As a mother of three sons, I have attended a horrified consultation on several occasions at that moment in which the pediatrician proceeded to pull the baby's foreskin causing injuries and unnecessary pain, since some time later the wound closed and everything was back to the way it started. I recently changed my pediatrician and a younger doctor explained to me that this procedure is no longer in use.

Babies have what doctors call preputial adhesions, that is, the glans of the penis is protected by the skin of the foreskin, and this in the newborn is attached to the penis, it is not possible to download it. It does not mean that the child has phimosis, it is a normal and common characteristic that evolves, as the baby grows, the skin separates and leaves the glans open, it becomes retractable.

Some pediatricians were in favor of forcing that resistance of the foreskin and lowering it abruptly, causing pain and injury to the baby. However, this maneuver is unnecessary and often even causes more resistance in the skin after healing. There are many professionals who They advise against this procedure as painful and useless.

It is considered normal that the skin of the foreskin does not go down until 3 years of age, until that moment there is no need to worry and we only have to carry out good hygiene in the bathroom making a gentle movement so that a little water can enter and thus wash the area. Always without forcing, without reaching that point where the baby shows pain. Only as far as we see that the skin no longer falls any more and we will only use soap and water to clean the area.

From that moment on, it is recommended to see a specialist, who may advise applying a corticosteroid ointment after performing this light and gentle maneuver to lower the skin, always avoiding sudden maneuvers. If finally, the boy suffers from phimosis, it would be necessary to perform a circumcision operation.

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