Pregnant women can eat Iberian ham

Iberian ham, that typical Spanish delicacy to which thousands of people around the world have already succumbed. Few have tried the authentic bait or acorn ham and can resist it, it is a gastronomic luxury, but a luxury that cannot be enjoyed by pregnant women.

Serrano ham, along with the rest of sausages, has been banned from pregnant women to avoid the spread of toxoplasmosis and the risks that it entails for the baby. However, recent studies confirm it, in pregnancy ... you can eat Iberian ham!

Serrano ham is, in short, raw meat, therefore it is considered a possible carrier of the parasite toxoplasma gondii, what can endanger the health of the baby as it produces malformations. Faced with this risk, thousands of pregnant women have had to contemplate how that delicious food passed in front of our noses without being able to taste even a little bit and we have had to settle for breathing the irresistible whiff that emanates.

These gastronomic vetoes are responsible for the fact that many pregnant women, among whom I am counting myself, have asked as their first meal after giving birth: A ham sandwich!

Well, if until now it was considered a risk food, there are those who say that this is not the case, at least with regard to the Iberian ham of origin. The Andalusian Technological Center of the Meat Sector and the Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics carried out in collaboration a study that showed that the parasite is extinguished in the curing process to which Iberian ham is subjected.

The study was carried out with pigs naturally infected with the parasite and after the curing process, no trace of toxoplasma was observed.

Iberian hams and bait, with designation of origin, are subjected to a healing process that lasts at least 2 years: 14 curing, 3 in a chamber between 2 and 4º, salted and natural drying.

These quality standards in force in Iberian ham put an end to the toxoplasma parasite. In addition, research at the University of Zaragoza prior to the study has already advanced the safety of Iberian hams.

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