The ultimate exercise to lose belly after childbirth

Are you one of those who have tried everything and still do not lose that gut that was left after delivery? Maybe you didn't try this: a single exercise that is practiced consistently every day for just one month.

Many people claim that it works. The truth is, it doesn't hurt to try. At most you lose a few minutes a day. Attentive

The exercise is actually a gymnastics plan based on a posture and the daily perseverance of the person who practices it. The gym plan itself has a name: Plank Challenge. Exercise does not ensure immediate results, but gradual ones. But perseverance is the perfect ingredient to achieve the goal. And which one is it? Lose gut!

Well, what does it consist of? It's actually a flex, but a sustained flex. The most important thing is the body placement. If you want to try, follow these steps:

1. Posture is typical plank bending. You must support your forearms on the ground. The elbows, at the height of the shoulders.

2. Stretch your back, prevents arching.

3. Don't bend your neck.

4. Legs slightly apart.

5. Put the balls of your feet on the ground. Your whole body should be stretched out, like an iron.

6. Do not breathe in a fast way. Try to do it slowly.

Now, the times table. How long do you have to hold on in this position? It starts with 20 seconds of exercise, and as the days go by, it increases. At the end, after 28 days, you can calmly endure 4 minutes in this position.

- The first two days you must stay like this for 20 seconds.

- The next two, 30 seconds.

- The fifth day 40 seconds.

- On the sixth day, rest.

- Seventh day, 45 seconds.

- From the 8th to the 11th, you remain in that position for 1 minute.

- Between the 12th and 15th, a total of a minute and a half. But on the 13th, you can rest.

- Days 16 and 17, two minutes.

- From the 18th to the 21st, 150 seconds. On the 19th, rest.

- Days 22 and 23, a total of 3 minutes.

- From the 24th to the 26th, 210 seconds. But on the 25th you can rest.

- From the 27th, 4 minutes ... or whatever you can handle!

This exercise is very good for strengthen abdominal muscles, benefits balance and increases flexibility. Obviously, you cannot immediately start doing it. Before you must be fully recovered from childbirth. You must first recover the pelvic floor. And of course, don't try it if you've had a C-section.

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