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Honey specialties

Honey specialties

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In recent years, we have kind of forgotten that mother nature cares for her children as best she can, offering many specialties, both tasty and healthy. In the era of highly processed food, we have eliminated some of the simplest solutions from our and our children's diet, often considering them to be worse. Today I would like to draw your attention, Dear parents, to something extremely simple, uncomplicated in its composition, and how delicious and at the same time healthy. Looking for interesting products for my children, I found something that made my saliva drip. With a glint in my eye I looked through other products and tried to imagine their taste and aroma. Are you wondering what I'm talking about? I'm talking about honey. You probably thought that nothing extraordinary, honey is available after all on every shelf, in almost every supermarket. Well, the honeys I want to recommend to you are products from Polish apiaries, not cheap Chinese stuffed with sugar and other wonders. What's more, the manufacturer came up with the phenomenal idea of ​​creating creamy honey with additions, i.e. chocolate, raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrants, blueberries, cherries and many others. Although until now I thought that honey should be only honey, I quickly changed my mind and was not disappointed ...

Thanks to the kindness of the owners of Pasieka Dębowa, I had the great pleasure to try some of the products offered there.

I especially liked it honey with vanilla and chocolate. Its consistency and appearance is somewhat reminiscent of the ubiquitous chocolate creams for breads. It smells great, and the fact that my children can eat a nutritious and healthy breakfast is very important to me. This honey is also delicious in combination with milk, giving it a unique taste and aroma. I admit that my younger daughter, although she spits with plain honey at a distance of a meter, ate it with taste.

He also deserved my great recognition creamy honey with raspberry. I couldn't resist dipping my finger in the jar. Phenomenal for a fresh roll with real butter, as well as for tea or cottage cheese.

My older daughter loved her turn honey with lemon and blackcurrant and doesn't let anyone into it. In the jar, I found slices of lemon and blackcurrant fruit halves dipped in liquid honey. Tea with such an addition is so delicious that the cup always seems too small.

Most of us know that honey is not only tasty, but also healthy. Nobody tells you to eat a few of his jars a day, because he has a lot of calories, but a little can work wonders. Honey has been proven to soothe a sore throat, cold symptoms, and coughing, and a little before bedtime will make the night calm and blissful. However, it should be remembered that, like most products, honey can be allergic, so if we have a small allergic person at home, let's be careful before introducing him to his diet. Let us also remember that honey in a child's diet may appear only after the age of 12 months.