Children who have survived among animals

Children who have survived among animals

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Yamato he was abandoned by his parents in a forest in Japan as punishment. What at first was going to be a lesson, turned into a nightmare. The little one spent 6 days in a place populated by wild bears. However, this story has a happy ending. Yamato was found alive in a log cabin. Mind you, he was thirsty and starving.

Yamato has been very lucky. What if they hadn't found him? Had the bears adopted the little one? Had they taught him to behave like them? The case of this little 7-year-old brings us the memory of many other children who were raised by animals.

1. Victor of Aveyron: The most famous case of a wild child is that of Victor of Aveyron, a boy of about 11 years old that hunters found naked in the Pyrenees in 1799. No one could find out where he came from. François Truffaut created from his story the movie 'The little savage'. Victor never managed to adapt to humans.

2. Lyokha got lost in a forest in Siberia. He was discovered living with wolves. He was 10 years old and wild demeanor. His mentality was that of a much smaller child, and his teeth had been sharpened. But the little boy escaped from the hospital he was in and nothing was heard from him again.

3. Djama: The list of children raised by wolves is numerous. As early as 1962 a boy was discovered living in a pack of wolves. In this case, in Turkmenistan (south of Russia). It was discovered by a group of geologists. The little boy got lost in the desert at the age of four, after his parents were murdered. He was adopted by a pack of wolves. He learned to run on all fours, to eat raw meat like them ... he even said that as a child he rode on the back of his mother wolf.

4. Maria Do Santos (Portugal) was locked by her mare in a chicken coop since she was a baby. Since she was little she lived with chickens. When they rescued her, at 10 years old, the little girl walked and moved like chickens and fed on the same feed as the animals. She was the mental age of a 2-year-old girl.

5. Rochom P’ngieng he was lost at the age of 8 in the jungle of Cambodia. They found her 19 years later, when she was already 27. Her hair was so long it reached her ankles. It was dirty and behaved like a wild animal. He communicated with grunts. He did not remember his old language. He only remembered three words: 'dad', 'mom' and 'stomachache'. She preferred to walk crouched and tried to escape on numerous occasions.

6. Natasha (Russia) was abandoned by her parents and raised by stray dogs. At age 5, she was discovered. The little girl walked on all fours, communicated by barking and ate just like dogs.

7. John (Uganda) fled her home the day she saw her father murder her mother. At just 2 years old, he went deep into the jungle and was adopted by a group of vervet monkeys, who took care of him for three years and taught him everything he needed to survive in the jungle, until the day he was discovered by a tribe woman. The monkeys considered him part of their family and resisted being taken from them. John returned to the humans and quickly regained his pre-escape behavior.

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