Painted pregnant bellies

Painted pregnant bellies

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Ideas to decorate the belly of the future mother


If you want to show off a belly full of light, warmth, and joy, follow this belly paint tip. A smiling sun with little arms. Very easy to paint.

A very romantic and love painting for a pregnant woman's belly. A belly full of hearts and kisses to celebrate the growth of the baby within.

The variety of shapes as well as colors is the keynote of this painting for the pregnant woman's belly. A happy, funny and very curious drawing.

Give more joy to your belly with a drawing like this one, with all the colors of the rainbow. To show your happiness in full color.

Do you want your son to be a ball crack when he grows up? Start motivating him from pregnancy by painting this cute ball on your belly, and let's play!

Brazil is one of the most successful countries in soccer, a highly regarded sport. Moms can also support the selection by decorating their pregnant belly with a message of encouragement.

This very special painting was painted by Brian Saaby, as part of a project to support the organization 'Maternity Worldwide', which tries to improve the health conditions of mothers and babies.

A medical chart for the baby's tummy, painted by Lotte Ipsen as part of a project to support the organization 'Maternity Worldwide', which tries to improve the health conditions of mothers and babies.

A belly decorated with flowers and hippie motifs, a drawing by Jan Klein for the organization 'Maternity Worldwide'. And you, do you want to teach your future baby what the hippie years were like?

There are typical symbols of each country, such as the mills in Holland. That is why mom has decided to decorate her pregnant belly with a beautiful blue drawing of a mill.

The painter Thomas Christoffersen decorated the belly of a pregnant woman with these cute dolls to support the humanitarian work of Maternity Worldwide. Would you like to have these funny little friends in your belly?

Pregnancy is a long awaited countdown. If they ask you how much is left for your baby to arrive, you can tell them with a simple message painted on your belly, so you will surprise them!

Do you want to feel like a work of art? This is what the artist Steen Berg Hansen has done, painting a very original drawing of a pregnant woman to support the organization 'Maternity Worldwide'.

If you want to show patriotic spirit you can do like this nice pregnant Uruguayan who has painted the flag of the country on her belly. A nice way to have fun and cheer on your country.

What better, if you are pregnant during the spring, so that you ask your husband or your son (a), if you have one, to paint a beautiful flower on your belly. You dare?