Fun for kids in urban camps

Fun for kids in urban camps

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Sports, crafts, team games or activities in the pool are just some of the leisure alternatives that urban summer camps offer children. Multiple alternatives to have a great time, while parents count down the days until we pack our bags and go on vacation.

And it is that like this during school holidays, my son does not have time to get bored. On the contrary, he is having a better time than ever since I had the great idea to point him to an urban camp. He has had the opportunity to make new friends with whom to share countless fun activities, with which he has a great time and which encourages him to get up early to return the next day.

Three months of school holidays or Easter holidays are too many days for many families. For many, urban camps are our solution. They began to function as an alternative to summer camps, which allowed children to sleep at home each day.

For 15 years, families who need to keep their children busy during the day, while their parents are working, can opt for this increasingly popular alternative. And it is that the urban camp is not a continuation of the school. Actually, it has nothing to do with it. That's why children have such a good time.

All the time it is designed to develop recreational activities such as games and competitions, sports according to the age of the child, water activities in swimming pools, handicraft workshops, excursions, forum cinema sessions, English or theater workshops and storytelling.

Apart from all these activities, urban camps include a canteen service and some usually offer children a mid-morning snack, since the usual hours generally occupy 8 hours, from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon. However, this schedule can be extended one hour before and one after, that is, from eight in the morning to six in the afternoon, depending on the parents' working hours.

Urban camps allow children to make new friends, while learning new things and having fun. The aim of all recreational activities is for children to enjoy themselves, while learning values ​​such as respect for nature, the environment and others. Cooperation, teamwork and the participation of all pervade the spirit of friendship that is breathed in this initiative. A great idea to improve the work-life balance that we need parents and children.

Marisol New.

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