5 tricks to avoid spider bites in children

5 tricks to avoid spider bites in children

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Spiders often seek shelter indoors in dark, poorly ventilated places such as closets or drawers, and on static or slow-moving objects such as clothing or shoes.

Outdoors, spiders usually take shelter under stones, leaves or logs. When a spider bites it does not do so just because it attacks but rather as a defense since they feel threatened or fear being crushed at some point. How to prevent our son from being bitten?

1. Use mosquito nets on the windows that prevent spiders from entering our home.

2. Ventilate properly our houses avoiding the darkness so appreciated by spiders.

3. Periodically clean all rooms of our house, emphasizing corners, ceilings and low traffic areas, and any nooks under the beds, behind pictures and curtains, as well as objects with little movement such as ornaments, or books on the shelves.

4. The sheets should be shaken before putting the children to bed, and also the clothes before dressing our children especially if it is piled up. It is also advisable to check the inside of the shoes before putting them on.

5. Some experts recommend avoid sticking furniture and beds to the wall to prevent spiders from taking cover in these places.

In the moment in which let us detect that a spider has bitten our son the most recommended is:

- Wash the affected area with soap and water and apply ice or a cold washcloth to the affected area.

- It would be helpful to be able to capture the spider that caused the bite to see what species it is.

- We should apply some pain reliever.

- In the event that the area shows signs of infection due to redness, is swollen or in the event that the child has a sensation of heat in the area, we should see a doctor.

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