Is it good to stimulate the fantasy of our children?

Is it good to stimulate the fantasy of our children?

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A few days ago, during the festivities in our town, my daughter asked me, Mom, where do the balloons go when the children slip off the rope? She didn't take long to answer herself, happy to have come up with the explanation of the enigma: 'Ah! I know, they go to heaven, to the end of the world so that God can play with them. '

Of course my answer was going to be much more practical and less imaginative than yours, I would answer a phrase like: 'the balloons go up and up until the air pressure makes them burst'. After hearing his answer I smiled and thought that I should have lived up to his expectations, encouraged his fantasy. Children love made up stories!

In general, our children are offered answers, behavior guidelines and knowledge so that they can navigate life without difficulty and know their environment; If our son asks us what color comes out of mixing red and yellow, the normal and more convenient thing would be to answer them that orange and not just any nonsense, but hasn't it happened to you that many times they seem like they seek answers for a world created by them, a world full of your fantasies? Their little minds will not always be mature to understand real aspects of life, but they will always be ready and looking forward to new fantastic stories.

Every now and then it turns out delicious read them stories, tell them improvised stories, or come up with crazy solutions to make them laugh and have a fun time, imagining together. I wonder how children can have that blind faith that the Pérez mouse takes its teeth, in the Magi, the goblins, the fairies, the dragons, ...? I love how they look for an explanation for the most unlikely things and how they use a certain logic to be able to continue believing in what awakens their illusion and creativity, even when they have reasonable doubts. Why not let them have that illusion if, after all, we are the ones who initiate them through the stories that we tell them, the traditions in which we initiate them and the invented stories that we transmit to them?

This stage of imagination and fantasy will last a few years of his childhood, not much more than eight years. Being able to enter their world will allow us to connect with it, as if we were kneeling to speak to them instead of from on high. Imagining with them can also lead them to discover reality, it can be a great moment for reflection and entertainment for both of them, and it can mean for us the discovery of the treasure of their emotions, their fears, their concerns and their little secrets.

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