Teaching children good table manners

Mealtime becomes a headache for many parents: children who eat poorly, play with food, fight with siblings, do not take cutlery well ...

The parents, in these cases, do nothing more than reprimand the behavior of the children, without getting the children to adopt good manners at the table. In We give you some tips to achieve it easily.

Here you will find a series of tips so that you can teach children to eat and follow good rules at the table.

6 tips to teach how to eat. Is it possible to teach children to eat from the earliest stages? On our site we tell you what parents can do so that their children learn good manners and behave correctly at the table.

Teach how to use cutlery. How to teach the child to use cutlery at the table. Basic rules of behavior when it comes to eating. Limits on the child's behavior at mealtime. Good habits and customs at the table with the children.

Rules at the table. Behavior of children at the table. Teaching children rules of good behavior at the table since they are babies, giving the act of eating the importance it has, avoiding distractions, and maintaining good communication at the table are some of the keys that the psychologist Silvia Álava proposes so that Meals with children are enjoyable.

When the child misbehaves at the table. We tell you what to do if one of our children misbehaves or does not know how to behave at the table correctly. These are advice from the psychologist Silvia Álava about the good habits of children at the table and the behavior of parents when faced with children's fights.

Mistakes in teaching table manners. Parents make some mistakes in the education of their children, but luckily some of them can be corrected, such as teaching good table habits to the smallest of the house to value what is put on their plate and have a correct behavior.

Educate by example. What if mothers acted like the children at the table? This question that three mothers have asked themselves in the short 'If moms ate like their kids'. How to Teach Children Good Table Manners

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