Tips for choosing children's summer footwear

Tips for choosing children's summer footwear

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When summer comes, we not only change the clothes, we also renew the footwear. On our site we tell you everything you need to know to choose the most suitable footwear for children during the hot months.

In childhood, it is essential to choose well the shoes or sandals that the child will wear to avoid both injuries and health problems in feet that are constantly growing.

Whatever type of footwear you choose: sandals, slippers or shoes, it is convenient that during the summer, children continue to wear socks to avoid injuries, blisters or abrasions. It is also recommended that the footwear be like this:

- Breathable: not just any material, it must be made of leather, both the insole and the external part to avoid excessive sweating. In the case of sneakers, 100% cotton fabrics are preferable.

- Anti-slip: both the sole and the heels should be reinforced to prevent the child from slipping with the shoes and falling.

- Flexible: summer shoes should not be rigid, but rather have a certain flexibility so that the foot can move correctly.

- Adjustable: Mary Janes, clogs, flip-flops or moccasins tend to come off the foot and the child has to worry about catching it with the toes and they could fall because they are not properly attached.

- Not wearing inherited shoes: Even if the brothers have only worn them for a month or two last season and appear in good condition, the shoes adapt to children's feet and take their shape.

- Correct size: check that the buckles or adjustable velcro do not press down on your foot and, of course, that they do not pinch your toes, or are too loose.

- Do not abuse plastic sandals: Although they are useful for the beach or the pool, they are made of plastic and will make the foot sweat and can leave wounds or blisters.

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