Things mothers think but never say

Things mothers think but never say

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'Being a mother is the most wonderful thing in the world', is a phrase that I have heard many times, however, it has always sounded cynical and hypocritical to me. Since we became pregnant, we have heard endless phrases about motherhood, idyllic phrases full of pink ties that have little to do with reality.

There is a great hypocrisy regarding motherhood, the reality is that adapting to the life of being a mother is not easy and sometimes, we think things that we do not say for fear of being politically incorrect, for fear of being branded as bad mothers.

Motherhood has two faces: one full of satisfaction, emotions, achievements and an incomparable love for your children and another full of difficulties, frustrations and the desire to flee. This is the b-side of motherhood And these are the things that mothers sometimes think, even if we don't say them:

1. I'm sick of being good, I want to do something bad!: one day you realize that your life consists of getting up early, taking the children to school, picking up from school, going to work, doing homework, bathing, errands, bills, shopping ... Homework, homework and more homework. And you would give a few gray hairs to go out one night and spend it dancing until dawn, like when you had no children.

2. When I saw my son it was not the most wonderful moment: after giving birth where you are exhausted and in pain, it is hardly the most wonderful time in the world. It is also very likely, despite what you have been told, that you do not feel an incomparable love for your child. You will feel a tremendous, brutal protective instinct, but love will come as you get to know each other and you adapt to being a mother.

3. I am my mother: You swore that you would not do the same things your mother did, or say the same phrases, but one fine day, you find yourself repeating the same thing to your children and even if you try to avoid it, there is no escape.

4. I have no idea what to do: you will not confess it, but many times you do not know where to go, what to do if the child misbehaves, how to solve some math homework or if it is better to go to the emergency room with the baby or wait for the pediatrician. Improvising will become a constant.

5. I don't like the park: It may seem idyllic the picture of children playing on the swings while you look at them enraptured, but the reality is that you have to deal with other children who try to hit yours, with mothers and fathers who stick to you like a limpet and you can't stand and In addition, you spend most of your time thinking about all the tasks that are accumulating at home.

6. I can't handle everythingWe are super moms, we get pregnant, we give birth, we are quarantined, we breastfeed, we don't sleep, we don't have time for ourselves, we work all day, but yes, we will never confess that the situation overwhelms us.

7- I am a harpy: When the stress and whirlwind of everyday life leads you to yell at children, say no to everything as a system, punish them for nonsense and not have a good time with them, you feel like the worst mother in the world.

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