Saint Bernardino Day, May 20. Names for boys

Saint Bernardino Day, May 20. Names for boys

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Bernardino is a name for a boy of Germanic origin that means "strong as a bear", so your child arrives with the guarantee of vigor and courage implicit in his name.

Although it is not a very common name, it can be ideal for your child if you like traditional names with great meaning. Celebrate your name day May 20, What is the day of San Bernardino of Siena.

Because of the meaning of his name, Bernardino has a dynamic, courageous and hard-working character. His sympathy and communication skills They make him succeed in social relationships, and his nobility and protective eagerness make him the soul of his family. In addition, Bernardino has a special instinct to succeed in new projects.

The name Bernardino is known in all languages, although in none is it one of the most frequent names. It belongs to the same family as Bernardo, so both names are valid for your son. Its diminutives Berni and Bern are also very familiar and accepted.

We know several personalities named Bernardino, such as the former president of Paraguay, Bernardino Caballero, the ecclesiastic and writer on the Americas Bernardino de Sahagún or the Italian painter who was a disciple of Leonardo da Vinci, Bernardino Luini.

We also remember the Italian philosopher and naturalist Bernardino Telesio or the historian, also Italian, Bernardino Baldi. A name, that of your son, loaded with all the tradition of the greatest humanists of the Renaissance and that he will carry with all the guarantees.

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