Have you ever taken your child to a museum?

Have you ever taken your child to a museum?

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I thought about it a lot before taking my little girl to a museum. I knew she was going to be very excited, but since she was so small and restless, I was worried that she would behave well, that she would not make noises or that she would run down the hallways. In the end, I dared to wear it and you don't know how much fun we had. It was one of his most exciting experiences, we were already lucky enough to find a museum that was very appropriate to his age and interests.

- If your child is still young, it is best to take him to a most interactive museum. Before visiting the museum with your child, it would be best to plan the visit. I advise you to choose a museum that allows the child to be able to touch and handle most of the pieces or objects, so that he can actively participate in the activity and learn. Today there are museums for all ages, interests, and that offer not only experiences, such as learning and safety.

- Another option is museums with fun, varied and recreational themes such as museums of natural sciences, planetariums, botanical gardens, geological (stones), wax figures, movies, dinosaurs or mummies (History), nature, insects, music, theater, dance, aquariums, collections or types Of transport.

- Topics that arouse the interest of children almost naturally. It is also important that the museum offers, in addition to exhibitions, activities such as games, videos, as well as lthe possibility that the little one can experience, smell, paint, test a machine, operate computers, cars, ... will be an awakening of sensations and senses for the child, and a very memorable exercise for both.

- It is also recommended that the museum you choose provides food services, bathrooms, to avoid having to leave its facilities for use. If your city does not offer the option of a specialized museum and you do not have the possibility of approaching a city that has it, you can also find virtual museums of various themes on the Internet and even very interesting museum books with photos and very curious materials for children to touch and feel.

AtInternational Museum Day, is a good occasion for it. Your son will thank you for sure. Test it!

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