Teach children to take advantage and enjoy their time

Teach children to take advantage and enjoy their time

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The use of time is, at times, a pending subject for us and one more learning that we must provide our children. In principle, all children do not care about time, and it is important that we teach them to value it, so that they learn to organize themselves in their daily lives and thus take advantage of it even more. Children tend to be very easy to waste time, which, as a rest or occasional therapy, seems good to me, but not as usual.

Time is always so scarce and precious! Our day is full of expressions such as time is money, there is no time to lose, I have no time ..., many times we want to ignore the clock, leave everything and have a little free time to be able to use it as we please : to enjoy, to go out, to relax and, why not, to do nothing.

Sometimes, I have the feeling that we live waiting for the weekend to finally have some time, because from Monday to Friday it gets out of hand. When we have children, a certain organization is absolutely necessary and dedicate our time to them every day, perhaps not in quantity, but in quality, although quality often does not come without quantity, just as to extract some gold it is necessary to remove a lot of sand .

We should be able instill in them the idea that the more they use their time and the more productive they are in their tasks, the sooner they can enjoy their free time. The fact that the child should have time to do nothing is indisputable. These moments are the ones that the child will use to play, create, experiment and imagine, a fundamental time for their development as a person; But taking advantage of time always offers rewards: it provides us with the security of having things tied well, the tasks carried out, it reduces the tension of having to do things and frees us from the feeling that the day has hours to go.

Many children, like their parents, live stressed due to an extensive program of extracurricular activities (sports or music), or pending school tasks ... they live strenuous days, programmed from the moment they get up until they go to bed. Listening to music, watching a movie, sharing games and talks is time a child should be able to enjoy, and for this, the best thing is that we teach them to be responsible with their small obligations inside and outside the home. What better way to enjoy our time, when we know that we have all our obligations in order!

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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