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MiniMini competition + Big family

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Dear parents, we invite you to the next competition in which the awards were funded by the MiniMini + television station. This time, the background of our fun will remain a warm fairy tale about the "Big Family", with the broadcast of the second series scheduled for June 2, 2013.

We invite you to have fun!

Competition task involves answering the question:

  • What could a large elephant family learn from a small mouse family?

Answer and justify by sending an email to [email protected]. Enter your name and surname.

Contest statement can have a maximum 1000 characters with spaces.

Each contestant can send an unlimited number of contest responses.

The competition is underway from 27/05/2013 to 10/06/2013 (inclusive).


We will award in the competition authors of three selected competition answers. We will send to each Winner of the competition:

  • disc (special edition, each pack contains 2 DVDs) "Guess with Jesse"
  • notebook with the MiniMini + logo

Detailed competition rules are available here.

Big family

(The Large Family - series 2)
Emission: from June 1, daily at 14:50 and 12:10

Another series of charming and warm animation, which attracted not only small viewers to the screens, presents new adventures a modern family of lovable elephants. Its members have their dreams, hopes and ... huge piles of laundry clothes. This is not surprising - the heroes of the series are quite substantial shapes ...

In the second series, the whole family will engage in the local talent show "E-Faktor", Mr. Wielki will experience a surprising Father's Day, and five-year-old Lucek will have to face the new situation: he will be home alone.

Viewers will also see what the daily life of the Great is like. Madam The Great tries to control the cheerful group of resolute, vivid children full of unexpected ideas all day long. The Lord is an oasis of peace, but only until his parents suddenly appear in the house of the Great family ... The everyday life of the Great is filled with joy of small things, love and ... pranks of the toddlers. How do we know that? The lives of the Great are amazingly similar to ours.

The series was based on the award-winning book by Jill Murphy, which has sold over 4 million copies worldwide.

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