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"Educational spells-mary"

"Educational spells-mary"

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I admit that the title of this guide had a discouraging effect on me. It is so infantile or direct, in a bad tone "American", sales oriented, that it gets sick. What does "magic-mary" mean? This statement completely does not appeal to me.

Just like the cover sales information over one million two hundred copies and the Nappa Grand Prize (International Prize among Parents' Publications). And yet, I must admit that the content surprised me positively. Quite unexpectedly. In confrontation with this unfortunate cover, it looks exceptionally good.

You have to digest

There is something in this guide that forces you to "grow up" to the advice it contains. Therefore, even though this book came into my hands a few months ago, I was preparing to write this review for a long time. For various reasons. Among other things, because I needed time to evaluate the effectiveness of the advice contained therein. After a while, I can say that if we get rid of prejudices, fears of upbringing, and respect for our rights as parents (after all, the trends are different today), it suddenly turns out that it is really worth it.

Time with a child does not have to be a battle and a test of characters. It also does not have to be a form of sacrifice to the limit. It seems that this "too heroic" or "too serious" treatment of one's role as a parent results in total tiredness taking care of children and the belief that it is impossible to raise more than one / two descendants in the modern world. If many guidebooks, authors and authorities suggest that all bad behaviors should be endured calmly, waiting for them to pass, God forbid not to react to them in order to curb them, but to explain, hug and talk, then it suddenly turns out to be a challenge above the originally defined instinct or sense of common sense.

That is why today's fashion and at the same time the division between those who do not bring up and those who call themselves "bad parents" who "dare to raise" is to be fine.

On the right track

The guide is based mainly on method 1-2-3, i.e. theoretically well-known or at least associated method of counting the child's bad behavior. Its assumption is "less talk and less emotion", which means more peace and composure. In order to achieve the goal: better children's behavior, without side effects.

In addition to the widely described disciplining method, which in my opinion is a technique that can satisfy many people, there is of course something else. Author, Dr. Thomas Clinical Psychology, leading his practice since 1972, explains how to effectively encourage good behavior. All these activities would not make sense if it hadn't been for it strengthening ties with children, i.e. paying attention to the importance of shared family time (as well as spending time with one child and one parent), conversation, closeness, tenderness and understanding.

This is undoubtedly an interesting position for parents who, despite sincere intentions or simply ordinary human comfort, the need to live their own lives, the lack of desire to "torture", the inability to entrust the care of a child to several other people, the need for a normal life with the child / children, want to educate your child and temper bad behavior.

In the guide you will find interesting, balanced tips on how to deal with the problem:

  • moan / rant / martyrdom / complaints,
  • a game of delay
  • enforcing,
  • quarrels between children,
  • hysteria,
  • reluctance to do homework,
  • Uneaten / crags at the table
  • getting up at night and walking to the parents' bed, etc.

What can be achieved?

Calmness, a sense of control over the situation, confidence that "we will cope with the child" in every situation, in every place, the joy of being with children, the less frequent need to discipline.

The guide allows you to breathe, spend everyday moments with children, not just for children. Without the feeling of sacrifice or doing something extraordinary, which is difficult to deal with in the modern world. It gives the feeling that the descendants do not limit us, and the moments with them are not the time of management, planning and the art of perseverance until the evening, but simply another day that we can experience together in the style that suits us. No stress or frustration.

Thank you to the Helion Publishing House for sharing a copy of the review book.