Do children and babies have a sixth sense?

Do children and babies have a sixth sense?

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There are children who perceive phenomena that adults cannot explain. They are able to report that there is someone in their room, that they have spoken with their deceased grandmother or that they have a friend who is always with them.

The movie The sixth Sense It was about this type of experience: children who see, feel and perceive things that neither adults nor science are capable of providing a foundation. The question regarding these experiences is: fantasy or reality?

- 'Dad, there is a man sitting on my bed who is looking at me'

It is just the experience that a girl told when she woke up with a start to her father, who could not help but be terrified when the little girl perfectly related what that man was like and how he was dressed, using words for some of the clothes that she did not know until then. As skeptical as the father was, he looked from one side of the room to the other, hoping ... to see nothing!

Many parents can tell similar stories, of babies who stare at a corner of the room, children who seem to be playing with someone or others who relate how they could see and talk with their grandparents, now deceased.

We adults make our hair stand on end with these stories, but what is the explanation? There are two very different theories:

- For the believers in paranormal theories, the explanation is that children have a sixth sense, which is lost in adulthood and which connects them directly with the afterlife or with metaphysical energies. They liken it to that sense that pets have that they perceive things that humans are incapable of. For these people, children have a special sensitivity that connects them with another dimension. These theories explain why babies before the year are able to perceive these energies if they have not yet received many external influences.

- For many psychologists the explanation lies in the imagination and fantasy of children, who often do not know how to separate the unreal from the authentic. Their intention is not to lie or scare the adult, they create a world of ghosts, fairies or imaginary friends that helps them develop their emotions and creativity. It is the stage of magical thinking of children. So much so that they can relate how they saw Santa Claus flying through the sky or the Tooth Fairy going out to cross his room after leaving a gift.

Real world or imaginary world, there is no cause for alarm, normally these experiences subside by themselves when the child is between 7 or 8 years old. We only need to worry if the child becomes withdrawn, aggressive, or does not want to do his homework. At that time, it is advisable to consult a psychologist.

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