Holidays in camps to learn English

When the holidays arrive, it is time to also consider the children's summer and it is also the ideal time for them to learn English in a more playful way. For this reason, camps in English for children have become popular, although in fact they have existed for more than 20 years, the methods and systems they use have been improved over the years, thus achieving very good results in learning English. another language.

We can find different types of camps for children, and practically all of them use the same system of teaching English. It is a total immersion in the language from entry to exit. All those in charge are native boys and girls or with a bilingual level.

From the moment the child arrives at the camp, everything will be explained to them in English and they will have to speak in English with their classmates, although they will always have the support of Spanish if they need anything. In addition, some have daily English classes to help in the correct learning of English grammar. Something very useful and important when choosing it is that it has at least 3 hours a week of English classes.

English camps are also usually accompanied by adventure or risk sports, trying to involve the child with the nature of the camp environment.

To children from 8 or 10 years old, although in recent years they have begun to be offered even from 5 years of age, which facilitates the learning of the language and better results are obtained in a shorter period of time.

Some camps carry out entrance tests to enter, in all of them it is a test of the child's English level, this test is carried out to prevent any child from feeling isolated by not being able to understand the monitors upon arrival, in addition to improving the group performance.

English camps are a good choice when choosing holidays for the child, since in general, English becomes a game, this type of camp is very well set up and is accompanied by a large number of activities sports and related to the nature of the area, which children love and do not take it as a job but as a total game, so in addition to enjoying the holidays in a different way, they will live lots of new experiences very fruitful in the future.

The greatest difficulty in the operation of this type of camps is found as always in the number of children, since they have to speak in English constantly, it is very difficult to achieve, so that the time that the children are alone they will use Spanish It is the biggest drawback to achieving total immersion, which is why the ratio of children per monitor is very important.

Although, in general, in this type of camps a very important number of hours a day is achieved listening and speaking English, which can reach 70% of the time depending on the number of activities that the camp has.

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