The Vanishing Twin Syndrome

The Vanishing Twin Syndrome

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The first pregnancy ultrasound is usually performed between the eighth and 12th week. Thanks to the ultrasound we have been able to know everything that happens inside the uterus and how the baby develops. Likewise, curious facts such as the Vanishing Twin Syndrome or Vanishing Twin Syndrome.

It occurs when the pregnancy is initially multiple, and this is revealed by the ultrasound, but weeks later the same test shows that one of the babies has disappeared.

Studies reveal that many of us may have been twins initially, but for some reason one of the babies was reabsorbed and never developed. It may seem like science fiction, but it is not an uncommon phenomenon. The frequency with which missing twin syndrome occurs is 21%. Some studies say that 1 in 8 people started life as a twin of another who disappeared during pregnancy.

It happens during the first weeks of pregnancy, when the embryos are still very small and this event has been known thanks to ultrasound scans.

A woman undergoes the first ultrasound a few weeks after becoming pregnant and it reveals that she is expecting twins and even triplets, however, weeks later, ultrasound reveals that one of the babies has disappeared.

In most cases, the twin is absorbed by the placenta, the other sibling, the mother, or the uterine walls. The development of an abnormality in the placenta, such as a cyst or amorphous material, can also occur.

Scientists believe that it is produced by chromosome abnormalities or lack of resources in the placenta due to overload, in those cases, nature sacrifices one or more babies to guarantee the survival of the others.

Some mothers know what has happened to them thanks to early ultrasounds but many others never find out.

Source: National Geographic

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