Small child

Children wake up at night

A child can sleep for several months all night, when he suddenly starts to wake up several times or even several times. After a short time from bedtime begins desperately call for parents, or right away shows up at mum and dad in the bedroom. There are also such children who make a few sounds at night: for example, moans or even shouts and as if they never sleep further: unless, of course, they will not be further awakened by unnecessary interference of parents.

Fortunately, there is good news that will survive a worse time: usually wake-up nights pass by themselves, and the problem is temporary. Unless ... the parent does not make the basic mistakes, which are described below.

When the child wakes up at night

... reason is asleep. It is difficult for conscious action, when we are awakened from deep sleep several times at night. Our body perceives such a situation as threat or worst torture.

If that wasn't enough, as parents we are forced to immediate remedy for an uncomfortable situation, so that a nightly wake-up does not interfere with relaxation so important for the whole family.

Emotions that appear at night are also a test for adults: feeling irritable or even angry. When we add the discomfort caused by sleeplessness for several nights, there is a temptation to get back to bed as soon as possible and simply fall asleep. This desire, unfortunately, usually suggests solutions that are unfavorable in the long run.

Calmness and consistency

The most important thing at night are calmness and consistency. If these two principles are applied in practice, it can be expected that the problem will pass after a few days, eventually a few weeks.

The basis is peace. Night motives should be treated as a normal, temporary phenomenon, avoiding thinking in the category "no, now I will never sleep again". This will allow you to maintain a healthy distance to the situation and avoid frustration, which is not a good advisor.