The gardener and his master. Iriarte's children's fables

The gardener and his master. Iriarte's children's fables

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If you are looking for help to try to educate your children in the values ​​of effort and work, in you can find the fable of Iriarte, 'The gardener and his master'.

Fables, tales, and legends are of great help to parents and educators who want to teach and explain attitudes and feelings to children.

In a flower garden

there was a great fountain,

whose beautiful pylon served

from pond to carp, and other fish;

only to irrigation

the gardener attends,

so in the meantime

fish do not have water to live.

Seeing such misrule,

his master rebukes him;

Well, although she wants flowers

feast on fish also want.

And the rude gardener,

so punctual it obeys him,

that plants do not water

so that the water in the basin does not diminish.

After some time

the master to the garden returns;

find the flowers dry,

and angry he says of this luck:

Man don't water so much

that I run out of fish;

do not take care of them so much,

that without flowers, great barbarian, you leave me.

The maxim is trite

more to be repeated must:

do not write who does not know

unite utility with delight.

Moral: The perfection of a work consists in the union of the useful and the pleasant.

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