Fables with moral of Iriarte. The macaw and the marmot

Fables with moral of Iriarte. The macaw and the marmot

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'The macaw and the marmot' is one of Tomás Iriarte's fables that you can find in Thanks to the fables and stories we amuse the children while we teach them.

As in many of his other fables, Iriarte speaks of envy. Envy is one of the most common feelings in children and that we, as educators, must help them correct.

A painted macaw

from a viewpoint I saw

like a Payo foreigner,

how savoyard would it be,

for money a vermin

taught very ugly,

taking it for a strange thing:

It is to know: the marmot.

Came out of his drawer

that ridiculous bug;

and the bird, from the balcony,

he said to him: Rare whim,

being you ugly, so

money to see you den,

when being beautiful, here

everyone sees me for nothing!

You may be, however,

some precious animal;

but I have enough

with knowing that you are venal.

Hearing this a bad author,

he left as embarrassed.

Why? Because a printer

I had him employed.

Moral: Ordinarily it is not a writer of great merit who makes ingenuity venal.

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