What would you do if you knew that your baby had microcephaly in the fifth month of pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a woman must make some important decisions for herself and the baby she is expecting. If you can, you will have to choose the doctor who will take care of and accompany the pregnancy, as well as the place and type of delivery you want to have, as well as medications, and a few other things.

However, there are decisions that are more complicated and difficult to make. Doing or not having amniocentesis is one of them, since it is an invasive test that poses a small risk to the fetus. On the other hand, what would you do if you knew that the baby you are expecting has microcephaly?

This week, the first case of microcephaly in a fetus, by the zika virus. The detection was carried out between weeks 19 and 20 of gestation, and it seems that the mother has made the decision to continue with the pregnancy. According to the secretary of the Catalan Public Health Agency (ASPC), Joan Guix, in addition to Zika, the woman had contracted dengue.

At a press conference, Guix stated that "when there is a co-infection of Zika and dengue, the probability of malformation is higher." Other health sources confirmed that the mother had been on a trip to Latin America and that, despite the confirmation that the baby has this malformation, she has expressed her intention to continue with the pregnancy.

The Catalan Public Health Agency has recommended both pregnant women and those who plan to get pregnant, avoid traveling to Latin America, parts of Africa, Southeast Asia, as well as other affected areas. And if they do, take protective measures to avoid being bitten. In addition, it advises that men who have traveled to countries with Zika use condoms for up to six months after the trip.

But going back to the initial question, what would you do if the baby you are expecting were diagnosed with microcephaly? What reasons can a mother have who, even knowing about the malformation of her baby, decides to continue with the pregnancy? I think they are questions that can only be answered by mothers and fathers who have experienced cases like this. How about?

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