Fables of Iriarte for children. The donkey and his master

Fables of Iriarte for children. The donkey and his master

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The donkey and the master is one of the many fables for children that you can find in Thanks to these short moral stories, we can teach life lessons to children.

On this occasion, Iriarte in his fable, tells us that we should not excuse our mistakes in the actions of others. We must accept our faults and recognize that we are not perfect in everything.

Always used to make the vulgar fool

I appreciate the good and the bad alike.

I give him the worst, which is what he praises.

In this way his deeds excused

a writer of indecent farces;

and a devious poet who heard it,

responded in the following terms:

To the humble donkey

its owner gave straw, and said:

Here you are happy with that.

Said it so many times that one day

the ass got angry, and replied: I take

what you want to give me; but, unjust man,

Do you think that only straw taste?

Give me grain, and see if I eat it.

Know who works for the public,

that perhaps the common people blame in vain,

for if in giving it straw, it eats straw,

Whenever they give it grain, it eats grain.

Moral:Whoever writes for the public, and does not write well, must not base his apology on the bad taste of the common people.

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